Beers, Bikes and Mortgages

18th November 2015

I’m sure the only reason why you clicked on this blog link was because of the title as it seemed a bit strange – I too would be curious. Why would a Mortgage Expert publish a blog about BEERS, BIKES and MORTGAGES! Simple, all three share a common thread with me…they all interest me for various different reasons […]

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How coastal real estate is being impacted by climate change

5th November 2015

By: Tyler Hamilton Climate and Economy Reporter, Published on Sat Nov 14 2015 Accelerated sea-level rise and growing storm intensity, two widely studied effects of climate change, are giving the oceans a powerful edge in the age-old battle against continental shorelines. The impact is not only environmental, but economical. NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, N.C.—The calm ocean […]

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