What Does It Actually Mean To Co-sign For a Mortgage?

28th April 2017

 There seems to be some confusion about what it actually means to co-sign on a mortgage and you know that where there is confusion, your trusted mortgage professional seeks to offer clarity. Let’s take a quick look at why you may be asked to co-sign and what you need to know before, during, and after […]

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10 First Time Homebuyer Mistakes

27th April 2017

 If you’re on the hunt for your first home and want to have a smooth and successful home purchasing experience avoid these common first-time homebuying mistakes. 1. Thinking you don’t need a real estate agent You might be able to find a house on your own but there are still many aspects of buying real […]

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How a DLC Mortgage Broker Can REALLY Help You!

26th April 2017

 While it’s certainly easy to be intimidated by the prices that you might see as you browse MLS into the wee hours of the night, mortgage interest rates are still at a historical low.  If you’re looking at purchasing for the first time, you’re thinking, “What does that mean?!” With rates as low as they […]

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2017 Spring Market Prediction & Warning

25th April 2017

 Most Realtors I speak with on a day-to-day basis have buyers starting to stack up like cordwood, and a very limited supply of properties to show said buyers. Turns out the Pacific Ocean, US border, North shore mountains, and the ALR all remain intact. No expanded land supply in the Lower Mainland. Thus, no expanded […]

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A Conversation About Mortgage Pre-approvals

24th April 2017

Thinking of buying a property, but don’t know where to start? Well… that’s where a mortgage pre-approval comes in. Start here. Just like you wouldn’t go into a restaurant without having enough money to buy your meal, so you shouldn’t start shopping for a home without an understanding of how much you can afford. So let’s […]

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Ontario Liberals Announce New Housing Measures

20th April 2017

This morning, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a comprehensive package of housing reforms, ahead of next week’s provincial budget aimed at cooling the GTA housing market. The release can be found here. The announcement follows extensive media coverage about the serious concerns with the over-heating markets. Mortgage Professionals Canada [along with DLC Group brokers and owners] has […]

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The Role of a Mortgage Broker

19th April 2017

 Buying a home is a big step – a big, very exciting, potentially stressful step! How can you take the hassle out of the equation and keep your buying experience super positive? Easy… Surround yourself with a team of experienced professionals! Many experienced realtors insist on starting your financing first, that’s where your Mortgage Broker […]

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Independent Legal Advice – Do You Know Who Can Give It To You?

18th April 2017

First off, I’m sure some are saying what is Independent Legal Advice? ILA is just as it sounds – the need to seek independent legal advice. At Dominion Lending Centres, we always suggest that clients get ILA. Many times especially, in private deals and builder mortgages, you will see that there is only one lawyer […]

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The Two Types of Mortgage Penalty Calculations

13th April 2017

 We have all heard the horror stories about huge mortgage penalties. Like the time your friend wanted to refinance her home so that she could open a small business only to find out that it was going to cost her a $13,000 penalty to break her mortgage. This should not come as a surprise. It […]

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Why You Should Speak To Your Mortgage Broker Before You Sell Your Home

12th April 2017

 While many people will speak to a mortgage broker before buying a home, few people call a mortgage broker before selling a home. Calling could save you thousands of dollars and many sleepless nights. Why? Brokers understand mortgages and ask the right questions. How long do you have remaining in your present mortgage? Do you […]

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Insured, Insurable & Uninsurable vs High Ratio & Conventional Mortgages

11th April 2017

    You might think you would be rewarded for toiling away to save a down payment of 20% or greater. Well, forget it. Your only prize for all that self-sacrifice is paying a higher interest rate than people who didn’t bother. Once upon a time we had high ratio vs conventional mortgages, now it’s […]

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How Compound Interest Can Work For You

10th April 2017

 I remember the first time I learned about how compound interest can work for you. I was introduced by a friend to someone in the financial services industry and he explained a simple technique to easily calculate how compound interest can work for you – the Rule of 72. I was so excited and started […]

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Canadian Jobs Beat Expectation in March, But Wage Growth Is Sluggish

7th April 2017

 Canada’s economy continue to generate job growth in March, extending an employment rally that is the strongest in years, but with increasingly sluggish wage increases. Canadian employment grew by 19,400 in March–exceeding economists’ expectation for the fourth consecutive month–while the unemployment rate increased 0.1 percentage points to 6.7% as more people searched for work. This […]

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Grim Reaper Be Damned! How “Living Gifting” Keeps the Grim Reaper at Bay

7th April 2017

 Sorry Mr. Reaper, we’ve just figured out another way to delay your death grip! Research shows that giving an inheritance to another person while you’re alive – a concept known as “living gifting” – not only feels good, it can promote better physical and mental well-being and even help you live longer. Health researcher and […]

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How To Properly Calculate Your Mortgage

6th April 2017

 Calling all house hunters! We have a question for you—have you calculated what your mortgage will be? It is all too common for buyers to start house hunting before they truly know what their mortgage payment will work out to each month. This leads to homeowners being in over their heads. We believe in being […]

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Your Mortgage is More than a Rate

5th April 2017

 The mortgage process can seem huge and overwhelming. It can be an emotional process because a mortgage is the loan you are taking to buy a home for yourself and your family which makes it infinitely more than just a loan. Or it may represent the loan you are taking to refinance your home to […]

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Advice for Single Homebuyers

4th April 2017

 More than a third of first-time homebuyers in Canada are single. If you’re thinking of joining this group, here’s what you need to do and know before jumping into homeownership. Study the market. Identify neighbourhoods you want to live in and check to see how much properties in that area are selling for. Next, figure […]

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Banks & Credit Unions vs Monoline Lenders

3rd April 2017

    We are all familiar with the banks and local credit unions, but what are monoline lenders and why are they in the market? Mono, meaning alone, single or one, these lenders simply provide a single yet refined service: to fulfill mortgage financing as requested. Banks and credit unions, on the other hand, offer […]

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