AJ Green

Mortgage Agent | FSCO #M09002593

Specialization: Residential


Ontario, Petawawa - K8H 1X5

AJ Green

Mortgage Agent | FSCO #M09002593

Born and raised in Pembroke, it is my genuine privilege to be able to help the local residents throughout the Upper Ottawa Valley with their mortgage needs. I am part of a dedicated and passionate team that brings over 40 years of experience in the mortgage industry. I am approachable, enthusiastic and sincere. My devotion, patience and commitment to my clients are Priority 1.

5 Reasons to “Go Green”

1 – My Services
Whether you are purchasing a home or investment property, re-financing, renewing your current mortgage, taking out equity to renovate or wanting to consolidate existing debts, I can provide you with comprehensive real estate financing solutions.

2 – The Advantages
There are hundreds of different mortgage products out there and the choices you make could save you thousands of dollars and take years off your mortgage. Why not allow me to provide you with choice, convenience and counsel to achieve your mortgage goals.

3 – Zero Cost
My advice costs you nothing. I work for you, not the lenders. I can offer you unbiased guidance and help you select the mortgage that is absolutely right for you. You’ll discover why more people are choosing a mortgage broker – saving time and money, while simplifying and removing the stress from the mortgage process.

4 – Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction is paramount to me. I will give you the individual attention and time required to ensure that you are well informed and comfortable with your decision making process.

5 – Your Broker for Life
My service does not end once you’ve secured your mortgage. I’ll keep on top of changes in the financial market and ensure you stay informed. You’ll get the very best rate today and receive advice in the future to help you pay off your mortgage faster.

I invite and encourage you to contact me today to begin making your dreams a reality.

*We also specialize in government employee relocations across Canada.

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