Gary Meger

Mortgage Broker | FSCO #M08001462

Specialization: Residential

705-720-1001 ext 224

Ontario, Barrie - L4M 1G5

Gary Meger

Mortgage Broker | FSCO #M08001462

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our production team and explain how we work together to help you through the entire mortgage process.

Who are we?

Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres is an independently owned and operated franchise of Dominion Lending Centres Inc – owned by Gary Meger and Bill Nugent. We are one of Dominion Lending Centres’ top franchises in Canada; with currently more than 70 licensed mortgage brokers, agents and assistants across Ontario.

On a daily basis, Gary wears two hats – one where he originates mortgages with the help of his team and, in a second capacity, which sees Gary manage our top-producing team of agents across Ontario. We are extremely proud of the quality and integrity of our people.

Our commitment to you, as a valued client, is to provide you with financial counsel that allows you to achieve your goals and reduce the costs of getting there.

Our Team:

As our business has evolved, our team now consists of 4 individuals:-

Gary still heads up the team and is responsible for it. Besides running the team he is also president and partner in Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres; the #1 Franchise of Dominion Lending for the years 2010-2015. Gary still enjoys doing mortgages and will sometimes get involved depending on deal complexities or his time available.

Danielle Hill, Gary’s daughter, runs our day to day mortgage production business. Danielle has a banking background and has been with Neighbourhood Dominion for about 5 years.

Angelica Carr, Mortgage Assistant t has several years in the financial world. Angelica joined our team in 2014. You will likely be getting a call from her to start discussing your upcoming mortgage renewal (based on our records).

Danielle and Angelica work hand in hand on every file. So when you hear from Danielle or Angelica, you will know we all work together to help you with the best possible unbiased advice we can.

Maureen Montgomery, many of you may already know Maureen from having worked with her in the past. Maureen works with us now as a virtual assistant helping us in many areas of the business.
AMP of the year 2011

CMP Mortgage Broker of the Year 2010

Our service includes analyzing your current situation, evaluating all the mortgage options available in the marketplace, and handling the negotiating on your behalf. Our mission is to ensure that you have a mortgage customized to your needs and helping to achieve your long and short term financial goals.

At today’s historic low rates, we are finding that some clients are also considering the possibility of increasing their mortgage. There are lots of reasons why people are considering accessing the equity in their homes – home renovations, financial planning for education needs, or consolidation of high interest credit card debt for example. In fact, in many cases, we are able to combine the debt and shorten the time it takes to pay off the mortgage by 5 to 10 years or more. With a customized plan in place, you can become free faster and the savings are huge.

How are we different from other brokerage firms and lenders?

We treat all contacts, referrals and customers as if they were part of our family, ensuring a caring attitude through every phase of the transaction. Due to the high quality of our business combined with the volume of business we produce, we can provide you with access to the very best lenders, underwriters and rates available in Canada.

We want to find out what is important to you, our customer. We then take a financial planning approach to your needs, ultimately developing a customized mortgage strategy that is right for you.

We are extremely straightforward and transparent about how we operate. This ensures that you will know everything there is to know about your mortgage options.

The past 15 years have seen us develop and implement industry- leading systems to ensure your mortgage process is as uneventful as possible (we can never say stress free due to the nature of the business)! Our business has been built 100% on a foundation of referrals from our satisfied clients. We do not advertise at all, which makes earning your trust that much more important to us.

Our motto of “high trust, high touch and high tech” is a reflection of how we operate.

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