Kim Bowles

Mortgage Broker | FSCO #M08001269

Specialization: Residential


Ontario, Russell - K4R 1A6

Kim Bowles

Mortgage Broker | FSCO #M08001269

In my 28 years as a broker I take pride in the fact that I provide unbiased advice and financial council to all my clients. I look at your needs today and in the future when helping you decide what products suit your life style the best.

Understanding your mortgage, what you can and cannot do within the term is essential to setting and reaching financial goals. I will help educate you in the simple approaches to reducing your mortgage and consumer debt. I will not arrange your mortgage and disappear until your mortgage matures. I will stay in contact with mortgage information and news. Contact you annually to make sure finances are on track, and offer suggestions.

Mortgages are so much more than just the interest rate. I would like the opportunity to assist you with your financial decisions. There is no obligation for a consultation and a second opinion. And if after I review your finances, if staying with your current mortgage lender is the best option that is what I will advise. Or if you are new to home ownership I will give you the tools and understanding to paying your mortgage off faster.

One of my specialized areas is Military (DND) and RCMP transfers or relocations. I understand the full range of requirements and fund allotments within a transfer envelope, dealing with relocation companies. Even more importantly I understand the emotional side of the transfer on the family; having grown up within a Military family myself and moving from one end of Canada to the other and then out of the Country. I take great pride in making sure that all the details are covered, and that the mortgage process is as smooth as possible for you. I will coordinate the lawyers and realtors in different provinces so everyone will know what is required.

I look forward to having the opportunity of working with you and your families.

For further information please do not hesitate to call me directly or contact me through email. I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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