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7th June 2017

When I made the decision to become a mortgage broker, I was cautioned by friends already in the field to choose wisely where I would plant my flag.

After a bit of deliberation, I chose a franchise that was very familiar to me – the owners were people I had worked with in my previous life. I will admit though, to being less sure about the parent company.

Coming up on a year down the road, I’m certain I’ve landed on my feet not only with the franchise office but also the the parent company. There are tons of reasons for me to celebrate but I think how Dominion Lending Centres works for you impresses me the most.

Here are five reasons why my working at Dominion Lending Centres matters to you, even more than it matters to me:

Size Matters

I am one of 2,600 plus like-minded brokers who work under the DLC banner. The franchise office I work from has 80 brokers alone. This means access to more options, better “buying power”, when finding financing for you.


Some of you may have noted that in October, the federal government made changes to the mortgage qualification rules. One consequence of the changes was that your mortgage buying power has reduced by 20 per cent, even while prices go up. All 2,600 hundred of us have been involved in a campaign to reduce the harmful effects of these rule changes. DLC’s corporate office have even made presentations to the parliamentary committee studying the matter.

The Best Advice

Because we are 2,600 experienced professionals and we talk to each other, we always have the right solution at hand.

The Most Up To Date Information

Our access to current information is remarkable, even in an industry where interest rates fluctuate like gas prices. We receive 30-50 updates a day. When we meet with you, you get the benefit of the most recent, most accurate information we have.

A Single Purpose – Our Relationship With You.

When you win, we win. The one thing that drives success for all of us at DLC is having a great relationship with you; a relationship where you can end up living where you want to, comfortably and sustainably.


Jonathan Barlow

Dominion Lending Centres – Accredited Mortgage Professional
Jonathan is part of DLC A Better Way based in Surrey, BC.

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