Fixed Versus Variable Interest!

15th August 2018

Fixed Interest Rates This is usually the more popular choice for clients when it comes to deciding on which type of interest rate they want. There are many reasons why, but the most unsurprising answer is always safety. With a fixed interest rate, you know exactly what you are paying every month and you know […]

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Why we chose a DLC mortgage broker Our House Magazine

14th August 2018

Cindee and Dwayne Roy had always planned to get back to country living. The Alberta couple had done the big city and small town thing, but always had one eye on the simple life. After five years of searching, they finally found their dream home outside of Wainwright, Alta. It was a sprawling property, featuring […]

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A few reasons why you should consider a Variable Rate Mortgage

13th August 2018

Five-year fixed mortgage rates continued their upward march last week as the five-year Government of Canada (GoC) bond yield they are priced on hit its highest level in seven years. Meanwhile, five-year variable-rate discounts deepened, further widening the gap between five-year fixed and variable rates. When I started working in the mortgage industry in 2005, […]

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$1000 Winner in our Cash Contest

10th August 2018

Congratulations to Julie Town.  Julie very happily accepted a $1000 cheque from NDLC Mortgage Agent Brad Chambers who works in London, Ontario. Julie closed a mortgage with Brad and had her name entered into our monthly $1000 Cash Contest Draw.   You could be next!!  Either close a deal with us or refer someone who closes […]

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Canada’s Jobless Rate Returned to a Four-Decade Low in July

10th August 2018

Statistics Canada announced this morning that employment increased in July and the jobless rate fell .2 percentage points to 5.8%–returning to its lowest level since the 1970s posted earlier this year. The economy added a stronger-than-expected 54,100 net new jobs last month–its most significant advance this year. This gain, however, was driven by increases in […]

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A tailor-made solution for some borrowers

10th August 2018

Recently, two of my lenders came out with new products – Interest only mortgages. We have had these available from private lenders for many years but at much higher interest rates. They are useful for real estate investors and people who have consolidated debts and need six months to a year to get back on […]

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It’s not all about the rate: Amortization & Renewals

9th August 2018

Have you spoken to a mortgage broker lately? When it’s time to renew your mortgage you have the freedom to do a number of things that are not possible at any other time without a financial penalty. Renewal time is an opportunity. Have you looked at your mortgage amortization lately? Let’s say that you started […]

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Want to buy rural property? 6 Things to know before you buy

9th August 2018

Living in the country has extreme appeal for some people. Space, peace and quiet, big home, big yard, place to raise your family… the list goes on. If you are considering buying a rural home, there are a number of things to consider, not the least being how different it is to get a mortgage. […]

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The 3 Steps that take you from Pre-Approval to Your New Home

8th August 2018

Picture this: You’ve finally been able to put away enough for a down-payment on your dream home. It’s taken you five years of diligent saving, but you did it! You have also been diligently working on improving your credit score and paying off debts and are at a place of financial stability. So, first of […]

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What Is a Monoline Lender?

6th August 2018

What usually follows once someone hears the term “Monoline Lender” for the first time is a feeling of suspicion and lack of trust. It’s understandable, I mean why is this “bank” you’ve never heard of willing to loan you money when you’ve never banked with them before? In an effort to help you see the […]

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My First Home-Our House Magazine

2nd August 2018

We all remember our firsts. Our first day of school, our first bicycle and our first love. It’s no different for our first home. And I remember mine like it was yesterday. I bought my first home shortly after turning 19 in the late 1980s. It was a single-family home in the River Springs neighbourhood […]

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4 Key Things You Need To Know About A Second Mortgage

1st August 2018

Many homeowners are vaguely aware of the fact that you can take out a second loan on your home. You hear your friends mention it or perhaps a family member close to you has gone through the process—but do you truly know what it means to take out a second mortgage? We have taken all […]

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5 Things to know before buying a Rural Property

31st July 2018

After several years as a home owner, my friend was set to buy the home of his dreams. He always wanted to own an acreage outside of town. He had visions of having a few animals, a small tractor and lots of space. As a person with experience buying homes, he felt that he was […]

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Reverse Mortgage – the pros and cons

30th July 2018

You may be seeing and hearing a lot more regarding the Reverse Mortgage in today’s marketplace. I have taken the time to get familiar with the program here in Canada and have been quite surprised by how it’s changed and how different it is to its counterpart in the U.S. and how relevant it has […]

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Subject to Financing- A Must!

27th July 2018

With most people who are new to real estate and looking for their first home (or possibly second), one of the most significant times is when your offer to buy is accepted by a seller. Unfortunately, that moment is quickly followed by stress, as not many people know what comes next- securing financing. 99% of […]

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CMHC Changes to Assist Self-Employed Borrowers

26th July 2018

As a self-employed person myself, I was happy to hear that CMHC is willing to make some changes that will make it easier for us to qualify for a mortgage. In an announcement on July 19, 2018, the CMHC has said “Self-employed Canadians represent a significant part of the Canadian workforce. These policy changes respond […]

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Refinances, Renewals & Transfers

24th July 2018

After you have purchased your new home, closed on your new mortgage, and are all moved in, what comes next? Well, when it comes to your mortgage, the next step is to either refinance, renew, or transfer your mortgage. This decision can be made one month into your new mortgage or one month before your […]

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5 Reasons why every realtor needs a mortgage broker at their open houses

23rd July 2018

Realtor Safety – While we do not have the safety issues that realtors experience south of the border, there have been incidents involving female realtors being assaulted or feeling uncomfortable being alone with strangers walking around the house. Property Safety – Did you know that when a realtor is holding an open house they are […]

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Breaking a mortgage – can you do it?

20th July 2018

Do you have a mortgage? So do I! Looks like we have something in common. Did you know that 6 out of 10 consumers break their mortgage 38 months into a 5-year term? That means that 60% of consumers break a 5-year term mortgage well before it’s due…but do you also know what the implications […]

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Porting a Mortgage?

19th July 2018

Porting a mortgage is something similar to transferring a mortgage. Transfers are when you move your current mortgage to a different lender in order to take advantage of different interest rates or mortgage products. Porting a mortgage is when you keep your lender, but move your mortgage to a different property. Now, not every lender […]

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Remodeling Your Home This Summer

18th July 2018

With most of the summer still ahead, it seems like the best time for rest and relaxation. Or… it could mean the perfect opportunity to make those changes around the house that they have been waiting to do since the Spring! A renovation or remodel on your home could mean excellent returns on your investment. […]

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Rate Holds Explained

16th July 2018

Have you ever heard of the term rate hold? If you have ever worked with a mortgage broker, chances are, you have! Rate holds are something that the majority of lenders offer to potential clients purchasing a new home who need a mortgage. Rate holds are generally not given out for people refinancing their mortgage […]

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10 SECRET “To-Do’s” After you file Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy

13th July 2018

Many people go through challenges in life that affect their finances. Divorce, job loss, health issues top the most common reasons. I commend you on getting your finances sorted out and back on track. The moment you FILE that consumer proposal or bankruptcy is the time to start rebuilding your credit history. YES, there are […]

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Delivering Fashion-Our House Magazine

12th July 2018

We all know food trucks are now a staple in the diet of any big city. They’ve revolutionized how many of us eat and they’ve put brick and mortar restaurants on notice. So, could the business model work for another favourite pastime: shopping? Ashley Mitobe is the owner and operator of Fashiontruck Canada, one of […]

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Construction Mortgages

11th July 2018

In case you didn’t know, construction mortgages are available through mortgage brokers! Even though the options for lenders are slim, it can still be accomplished. Unlike regular purchase mortgages where the funds are released on closing, the funds for construction mortgages are released in stages. With typically 15-month construction periods, here are the following advances: […]

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The Mortgage Insurance Market & Wholesale Lenders

10th July 2018

The Canadian mortgage market used to be very simple. We had the big banks, credit unions, and trust companies. However, almost 20 years ago, the Canadian government made three major changes to the Canadian mortgage industry. First, the government and CMHC put their weight behind Canadian mortgages by guaranteeing an insurance payout to lenders in […]

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It’s all about the property

9th July 2018

With all of the rule changes imposed by the federal and provincial governments around mortgage financing and real estate it may be more difficult to access financing. But don’t take it personally – sometimes it’s not you it’s the property. When lenders underwrite your application for approval they look at you as a borrower but […]

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What is the difference between a Mortgage Broker and a Mortgage Specialist

6th July 2018

With the importance of real estate in Canada, it is vital to understand how the various professionals in the sector operate when buying a home. Sooooooo… what is the difference between a Mortgage Specialist & a Mortgage Broker? At the surface they sound the same • They both arrange mortgages • They both can offer […]

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All About Pre-Approvals

5th July 2018

Are you in the market for a new home? That’s great – but if you’re not already pre-approved from your mortgage broker, be sure to read on. Pre-approvals are very important for two reasons. They give you confidence in knowing that a specific amount of financing is available for you. A pre-approval can put you […]

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Mortgage Protection Plan

4th July 2018

Insurance coverage is something that everyone is “pitched” at some point or another in their life. Unfortunately, a lot of us have a negative attitude towards insurance or warranty as it is perceived as being a cash grab. Yes, if you are purchasing a flat screen T.V., that extra 2-year warranty for $100 might be […]

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