Brian Mill

Mortgage Agent, B.A. | FSCO #M10001862

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Brian Mill

Mortgage Agent, B.A. | FSCO #M10001862

Hi, my name is Brian Mill and I have been in the mortgage industry in Owen Sound for 10 years. My favourite hobbies are camping with my family, golfing and boating.

I started my career as a financial planner and shortly after earned my Certified Financial Planner designation. This allows me to provide very well rounded advice for my clients as I’ve spent 18 years in the financial service industry. My experience, designations and education will serve you well as I have experienced pretty much every situation through my clients that there could be. If you are looking for a mortgage agent who actually has the answers, call me.

The first 7 years of my mortgage career were with Scotiabank as a Mortgage Specialist. In 2010 I left Scotia to become a mortgage agent which allows me to keep dealing with Scotiabank, however I have 50 other lenders to choose from to fit you with the best mortgage product and rate. I deal with most of the major banks and have pre-negotiated rates so you don’t have to haggle. Many of my clients have been quoted rates by their “own” banks that are higher than what I can offer…..even with the same institution. Call me first and avoid the stress of negotiating a good rate……my best rate is the one you get first.

Best of all…..I can meet with you at home, at work, on the weekends or whenever is most convenient for you. Call or email me anytime at 519 379 3003 or to arrange a meeting or simply a phone consultation. You don’t be disappointed.


Brian Mill

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22nd August 2016

In a nutshell, a CHIP mortgage or “reverse” mortgage is a mortgage that is secured by the client’s principal residence and as long as one of the client’s lives in the house, it never has to be repaid, not even the interest. “CHIP” stands for “Canadian Home Income Plan” by the way; however the lender […]

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