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Commercial mortgages using your neighbourhood mortgage professional


Under the leadership of Daniel Bramham, the NDLC Commercial Division has established excellent relationships in the lending community with pension funds, banks, credit unions, life insurance companies, trust companies, private institutions and individual investors. These relationships allow NDLC Commercial Division to identify the source of funds which will be most likely to meet the needs of its borrower clients.

Commercial real estate financing transactions are often very complex. At Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Division, we have extensive experience and we are experts at structuring transactions that work optimally for all parties concerned. Our professionals facilitate a smooth process which begins with initial discussions and ends with a timely and problem free funding. In order to attract the best financing possible, each situation is presented as effectively and professionally as possible. Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Division has the resources and the knowledge to prepare and underwrite a broad variety of transactions, including computer modeling, visual aids, written presentations, and ancillary information.


A mainstay of Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Division’s financing business is negotiating long-term mortgages for apartment buildings, shopping centers, office buildings and industrial properties. Our brokers are always looking for innovative ways to minimize the cost of funds and meet other unique needs of the borrower such as limited guarantees, funding prior to lease-up and the fixing of interest rates prior to the completion of development projects. Our institutional clients provide the most economical long term financing in the marketplace on both conventional and CMHC insured product.


Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Division are experts at securing mortgage financing direct from CMHC. These insured financing offer considerable savings to the borrower in that it often offers a much lower overall cost to borrowing.

CMHC will insure the following types of construction loans:

  • High-rise & mid-rise condominiums
  • Freehold properties (single family home developments, townhouses etc.)
  • Apartments/condominiums to be built for rental purposes
  • Retirement & Nursing home developments
  • Mixed use property development, where the residential component represents at least 80% of the overall project.
  • Student housing developments


Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial  Division has arranged construction financing for some of the largest projects in the marketplace. Our expertise in construction financing extends to both conventional loans and those insured by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.


Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Division has in-house funds for mezzanine and secondary financing to suit our clients’ needs. In some cases we are able to fund up to 100% of the costs for a projects. This access to our in house funds and funds across Canada allows us to respond quickly to market demands and client needs, whether it’s a small commercial term deal or large construction facility we have the ability to provide the funding our clients’ needs.


This is an expanding field and Neighbourhood Dominion Lending Centres Commercial Division has experience in financing all types of seniors’ housing and health care facilities. The types of financing we arrange include long-term commercial mortgages, construction financing, equity and secondary financing. By combining our understanding of the capital markets with our knowledge of this unique industry, we can secure the lowest interest rates with the most favorable loan terms.

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